Are there any knocking or rattling noise? Does part or the whole exhaust fallen apart and dragging on the road? Does your exhaust sounds louder? Are there any visible holes, excessive corrosion or increase in smoke coming from the exhaust? The book your free exhaust inspection right now.

Most common questions

Can your carry out exhaust repairs on my car?

Indeed we can! Our experienced technicians are trained to fit and carry out any exhaust repairs on any make and model if needed.


How long is the exhaust guranteed for?

We supply and fit two type of exhaust brands. The budget exhausts are guaranteed for 2 years. The premium exhausts are guaranteed for 3 years


How much exhausts supplying and fitting will cost?

To ensure you pay only pay for the defects parts and labour required , we recommend you to book a free exhaust inspection. This will allow us to find which parts are required to be replaced. Then we will give you a free and no obligation quote for the exhaust replacement.

How long does it take?

Our free exhaust should not take no more than 20 minutes. If replacement and repair is needed, we will give you an estimate quote and complition time. We will never carry out any work without asking you